Skype 2.8 for Mac OS X Comes With Screen Sharing and Skype Access

Written By Sam on 21 July 2009

Skype released the final version of Skype 2.8 for MAC users. Skype 2.8 Gold, a popular and free VOIP application has got many new features in the latest version. The latest version allows full or partial screen sharing, access to public WiFi hotspots, Improved chat management, quick add in a chat window toolbar, mood message chat, Hidden avatars in incoming contact requests, Large profile pictures and adding notes to contacts.


Screen Sharing on Skype

With the Skype 2.8 for MAC you can easily share all or part of your desktop with your Skype contact. You can use this feature to share your presentations with colleagues or share your personal things with your family. You can share your screen with other users who are using a video-capable version of Skype.

Improved chat management and Mood message chat

Users can now sort chats in the drawer and set priorities to chats. This will help you to reply to important messages first. Moreover you can use the mood message chat to keep up with your friends’ updates, and also update your own mood message. Just check Show buddy mood messages in chat in the Advanced section of the Preferences window to switch on the mood message chat.

Access public WiFi hotspots with Skype Access

When you are traveling you can use Skype Access to connect to WiFi hotspots. With Skype Access you will just pay by the minute for the time you need with Skype Credit. But do note that Skype Access is still in beta.

The other features include Quick Add which helps you to search your contacts easily to add someone to chat by clicking the “Add” in a chat window toolbar. You can use large picture profiles which can be upto 256 x 256 pixels. Profile picture/Avatars are hidden by default in contact requests. You can also add notes to a contact in their profile window. The latest version has also got better sound and video.

Download Skype 2.8 Gold for Mac

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