Organize, Find and Play Music on Your Computer, Portable Devices and Web With MusicBee

Written By Sam on 26 December 2009

MusicBee is an application which is geared up towards managing extensive music collections and is easy to use with comprehensive features. MusicBee allows users to easily organize, find and play files on your computer, portable devices and on the web.

The main features of MusicBee

Manage your Music: You can manage your music as a library, playlists or also as folders on the file-system. Small and large collections of music are handled easily. You can also manage and download Podcast Subscriptions for listening to your favorite radio stations.

Tagging: You can easily Tag Music with a large number of tags available for editing and Power users will appreciate the configurable input panel layout, bulk editing, search & replace. Tagging automatically looks up to missing Album Art, Lyrics and tags other metadata from the web. The tracks are identified by analyzing their digital sound signature.

Organize: MusicBee automatically organizes the files in your library, and also folders on your computer based on tag values such as artist, album, name, track number etc, which you specify.

Organize, Find and Play Music on Your Computer, Portable Devices and Web With MusicBee

Play and Discover Music: MusicBee plays MP3, FLAC, vorbis, WMA and also the tracks scrobbled to MusicBee doesn’t restrict any music files on computer and web as well. You can discover the music with Audio-DJ which even creates a playlist based on your criteria such as tracks from similar artists, or include music tracks from the web. You can also create playlist which are dynamically updates based on your own rules.

Secure CD Ripping: MusicBee Securely rips tracks from your CD as individual files or as a single album file with an embedded cuesheet. These rips can be validated against for extra assurance. Tags and artwork for each CD are automatically retrieved from the internet. With an option which is available to rip tracks added to the inbox for further tagging before adding to library.

Synchronize: MusicBee helps in synchronizing music files, podcasts and playlists from library to many portable devices like iPods, iTouch/iPhone, MTP devices and USB devices. MusicBee also synchronizes Artwork, tags and playcounts with the option to add track playcount to your library. Files can also be encoded to a format supported by the device on fly, and the tracks can be played back at the same volume.

Tools: Music files are converted from one format to another without loosing tag values, and also normalizes the volume of your files so that regular adjusting of volume is not needed. MusicBee also updates the missing tags and album artwork from the web.

So If you are looking for a free application geared toward managing extensive music collections then try out MusicBee. Also don’t forget to send us your feedback.

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  1. Para says:

    Looks like a useful program. I will try to download. Thank you for your review.

  2. rakesh says:

    This is really awesome post, By MusicBee app we can organize our music file. by the way thanks for lovely info

  3. MariJewel says:

    Hmmm… MusicBee.. nice. Another Music application that I can use whether on my laptop or desktop computer. Thanks for sharing this info.

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