Remotely Control Your Computer and Run Remote Commands With Sleep Moon Xpress

Written By Sam on 27 August 2009

Sleep Moon Xpress is and Automation Utility which is packed with a lot of options and features which are simple to use such as alarms, Automation shutdown, Remote Executions, Download and Upload Speed detection and many more. Remotely or Automatically, controlling of your computer will never be this easy. Sleep Moon Xpress uses an advanced piece of software technology called BlueActiv Technology which allows you to remotely control your computer using Bluetooth or infrared devices.


Sleep Moon Xpress also works with advances methods like WTP Mobile Technology which allows you to trigger off any pre-defined command by simply giving the host computers IP address in internet browser. Sleep Moon Xpress contains sound sensitive consoles mechanism with which you can shutdown your computer with a clap.

Features of Sleep Moon Xpress

  • You can remotely control your computer and perform various commands like shutdown, alarms and executions of other applications or pre-determined commands.
  • Allows remote controlling from anywhere with advanced technologies like BlueActiv and WTP Mobile.
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth or Infrared enabled mobile phones.
  • Sound Sensitive Console system can be used to trigger commands like rebooting your PC with a clap.
  • Sleep Moon Xpress is completely free to use and free from any spyware or adware.

Minimum System Requirements: 800 MHz CPU Speed, 64 MB of installed RAM, 25 MB free hard disk space
Compatible With: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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