Make your Windows 7 Desktop Screen More Colorful With New Themes

Written By Sam on 22 October 2009

You can now decorate your Windows 7 Desktop with many attractive themes from Windows. There are many new themes like Avatar, Bing’s Best, Happiness Factory, Ducati, Ferrari, Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Infiniti, Lugares Coloridos, Refresh Everything, Porsche, Zune Characters, Zune Elements and Zune Zodiac.


A theme actually means a combination of colors, pictures, and sounds on your PC. This theme comprises a desktop screen background, a window border color, a screen saver, and a sound proposal. There are some themes which includes desktop images or icons and mouse arrows too. Windows comes with several themes to hit your desktop with plenty of colors, pictures and sounds. You can choose your taste of theme from the list; you can select an Aero theme to personalize your PC which is very attractive. Sometimes the Windows 7 Basic theme might perform very slowly, just change your desktop to high-contrast theme to make the icons on your desktop screen more visible and beautiful. It is very easy to apply a theme in your computer, just select and click a theme and it is done.

First click the Start button to Open Personalization, and then click Control Panel. Go to the search box, type personalization, and then click Personalization by doing this your can change your desktop more colorful and appealing. You can also change a theme’s pictures, sounds and color as you need and also can customized your own theme.

How to change parts of a theme

1. Click the Start button to Open Personalization and then click Control Panel. Go to the search box, type personalization, and so click Personalization.

2. Choose the theme which you want to change and to apply to your desktop and click on it.

3. you can do many things in this theme to make it to your taste:

o Just click Desktop Background to change the background, choose the check box for the picture which you like, and finally click Save changes.

o It is also easy to change the color of window borders, click Window Color, pick out your color, set the intensity level, and then click Save changes.

o Just click Sounds to change the sounds of the theme, choose any item which you like to hear in the Sound Schemes list, and then click OK.

o To add or change a screen saver of your desktop, just click Screen Saver, choose and click an item in the Screen saver list, alter the settings and then click OK.

Your retooled theme will be seen under My Themes section as an unsaved theme.

How to save a revised theme

You can save your revised theme to use on your Pc, just follow these steps to save the revised themes:

1. Click the Start button to Open Personalization, and click Control Panel and go the search box, type personalization, and so click Personalization.

2. To apply your revised theme on your desktop, just click on theme.

3. Then click Save theme.

4. Name your theme, and Save it.

Now your theme will appear under My Themes. And this saved theme can’t be shared with another people.

How to share your revised theme with friends and family

It is very easy to share the revised theme, with others. You can share the theme by sending e‑mail, through a network or an external hard disk.

1. Click the Start button to Open Personalization and then clicking Control Panel. Type personalization in the search box and then click Personalization.

2. Click your retooled theme to apply it on your computer.

3. Right-click and then click Save revised theme for sharing.

4. Type a name for your theme in the File name box, and Save it.

Windows saves your theme in your My Documents folder from that you can send and share the themes with friends and family.

Download Windows 7 Themes

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