HP Set To Develop Memristor Technology in Collaboration With Hynix

Written By Sam on 3 September 2010

HP, pioneer manufacturer of hardware and software components is now set to collaborate with Hynix, manufacturer of semicondutor devices for developing a technology called memristor. HP and Hynix will team up, co-develop as well as market the Memristor Technology in the form of ReRAM (Resistive Random Access Memory). For those unaware of ReRAM, it is a non-volatile memory better than the current NAND flash technology found in everything from cell phones to SSDs.

Memristors are the resistors with memory capabilities. memristors can not only change resistance when electric current is applied but also remember on/off states without power. With their great performance and sneak built, Memristors might potentially replace logic circuits instead of billions of transistors. Requiring little energy to function, these memristors enact as great storage devices that provide effective computations. As per the information received, Hynix will implement HP’s memristor technology in its R&D plant and it might take 3 years for this technology to be available world wide.

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