Complete List and Details of Official Apple iPad Accessories With Price

Written By Sam on 30 January 2010

Recently, Steve Jobs announced Apple’s iPad at the Apple Media Event along with many interesting accessories for the iPad. This article lists down the details of these first iPad accessories. You can read our below articles on iPad.

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Apple iPad Features LED-Backlit IPS Display, Multi-Touch Screen, Wi-Fi, 3G and 10 Hours Battery Life

iPad Keyboard Dock – $69

iPad Keyboard Dock - $69

iPad Keyboard Dock not only charges your iPad like the regular dock but also enables you to sync iPad to the computer. You can also use accessories like the Camera Connection Kit and audio jack through 30-pin connector available in the Keyboard Dock. iPad Keyboard Dock is integrated with a full-sized keyboard strikingly similar to the Apple Keyboard along with a bundle of iMac purchases. All these impressive features of Keyboard Dock makes it a must-have accessory even with a price tag of $69.

iPad Dock – $29

iPad Dock - $29

iPad Dock costing around $29 is an another accessory for the iPad. It offers similar kind of features like the Keypad Dock but without including a keyboard. iPad Dock enables you to charge your iPad, sync it with PC and features a 30-pin connector along with a audio jack.

iPad Case – $39

iPad Case - $39

Made up of a soft, rubbery microfiber material, iPad Case is a must have accessory of iPad, as it not only protects the iPad but also enables the users to view the screen at comfortable angles. Viewing photos, slide shows, movies and typing the text can be done comfortably even with the iPad Case on the iPad. This iPad case costs around $39.

iPad Camera Connection Kit – $29

iPad Camera Connection Kit - $29

You can import photos and videos from camera to your iPad in two different ways using the iPad Camera connection kit. You can either import your photos and videos to iPad using the camera’s USB cable or directly use the SD Card Reader to import them. iPad Camera Connection Kit costs around $29.

iPad USB Power Adapter and iPad Dock connector to VGA Adapter – $29

iPad USB Power Adapter and iPad Dock connector to VGA Adapter - $29

You can directly charge your iPad from the electrical outlet using the 10W USB Power Adapter. iPad USB Power Adapter comes with a 6 foot long power cable which enables you to charge it from an even greater distance. The iPad Dock connector to VGA Adapter enables you to connect to a projector or a monitor to display its screen content. This cable transmits sound through iPad’s speakers or from the headphone port. Both the iPad USB Power Adapter and iPad Dock connector to VGA Adapter are priced at $29 each.

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    Can you supply the Orginal Apple ipad dock, ipad keyboard dock,ipad case, ipad camera connection kit. ipadUSB power adapter and ipad dock connection to VGA adapter.

  2. Laura Goodman says:

    I love browsing for ipad accessories (even though I’m pretty satisfied with what I have already), because there’s just an endless variety of options! Personally, when I was looking to purchase an ipad 2 case, I wanted one that would actually help prevent falls rather than just help protect against them. I got a Skech Porter for ipad 2 and it has this strap that adds great grippability. It wasn’t as expensive as some of the other high-end ones either…I figure even if it were, it’s an investment in peace of mind regarding my greater investment—the ipad 2 itself!

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