CoolerMaster Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse With Programmable Macros

Written By Sam on 19 June 2010

Cooler Master’s gaming peripheral, Sentinel Advance gaming mouse is an extraordinary and must have gadget for all the gaming freaks worldwide. Including every feature that a hard-core gamer can dreams of, this mouse comes at a very affordable price. Sentinel Advance gaming mouse provides enhanced gaming experience and enables gamers to adjust the weight system, program macros, change lighting system in the OLED display and adjust hardware level profiles as well.

Featuring left and right click buttons along with three buttons in the front, Sentinel Advance is a right-handed mouse covered with a rubber layer in order to provide a better grip to the gamer. OLED screen of Sentinel Advance provides users with current DPI settings, wherein they can adjust the X-Y co-ordinates individually, and the values being modified will be displayed on the little screen. Other features of this mouse are customizable weight system, includes two LED’s, one at top and the other at front that change to eight different shades.

CM’s Sentinel Advance not only allows user to make all the major customizations like the sensitivity, function on each button, profile, etc but also automatically saves the modifications applied into the on board 64Kb mouse memory. Users can customize the colors of the mouse as well as choose different LED effects for this mouse. DPI settings of this mouse also allow users to customize the switching speeds thus enabling them to rejoice an enhanced game play.

Priced at around Rs.5,000/-, CoolerMaster’s Sentinel Advance is a great gaming mouse and a good competitor for other brands.

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