PS3 iTrophies iPhone and iPod Touch App for PS3 Gamers

Written By Sam on 30 January 2010

If you enjoy playing games on your PlayStation3 and always desire to be updated with the tracks of your friends and your achieved trophies on your iPhone or iPod Touch, then PS3 iTrophies is the right choice. Available for $1.99 at iTunes, PS3 iTrophies is a best feature-filled application for users with PSN online accounts.

PS3 iTrophies iPhone and iPod Touch App for PS3 Gamers

So if you are a PS3 gamer and own an iPhone, then you can try out PS3 iTrophies to view your recently unlocked trophies and you can also compare your overall trophy stats with your friends. You can even find tricky trophies with the integrated YouTube Player. The latest version, PS3 iTrophies 2.4 includes sign in status text, users avatar is displayed on Profile page, recent Trophies view (replaces previous Fav format, Fave game and Mood) and filter option for Friends Games Comparison table.

Features of PS3 iTrophies iPhone App

  • Access your PSN profile and view, compare the trophy data of your friends in real time
  • View your friends list currently playing the game and the receive updates from them.
  • View YouTube videos and know how to complete difficult trophies.
  • Customize settings using the User Interactive Settings menu.

Download PS3 iTrophies iPhone App [iTunes Link; Price $1.99]

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