Microsoft Kinect Priced at $150 and New Xbox 360 Releasing in August

Written By Sam on 21 July 2010

Microsoft has officially announced that the Kinect Sensor will be releasing on November 4th 2010 and will be priced at $150. This product will also include a copy of Kinect adventures. There is more good news for gaming lovers; A new version of the Xbox 360, expected to hit stores on August 3rd 2010, was also revealed. The new Xbox 360 comes with attractive features as well as an attractive pricing. The features include a 4GB of internal flash storage, Slim styling with a black matte finish and built in Wi-Fi via the 802.11N standard. The flash memory is the most attractive feature since it allows the gaming enthusiasts to store and save games on USB drive. With a pricing of $200, it is undoubtedly a value for money.

The good news does not end here. The company has announced that later this year, a package consisting of the new 4GB Xbox 360 console, the Kinect sensor and a copy of Kinect adventures will be available to the gaming enthusiasts for a price of $300. This is called the Kinect Holiday bundle. In order to boost the sales of this package, the company has offered a pre-ordering option and on availing this, the buyer can receive a token at launch, to download three exclusive game levels for Kinect adventures, the game included with Kinect. Kinectimals, Kinect Sports and Kinect Joy Ride, priced at $49.99 are part of the 15 Kinect games that will be available at launch alongside the hardware.

Although the $300 package seems great to encourage new gaming enthusiasts to invest in the Xbox, the Kinect sensor’s pricing of $150 might not be as encouraging for existing customers. However, Microsoft is hoping to cash in on their enthusiasm to boost the sales of Kinect.

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