Now, Download All your Facebook Information Including Photos, Wall Posts, Messages into an HTML File

Written By Sam on 9 October 2010

Your information at your fingertips. That’s what Facebook’s new download feature is essentially about. You can also call it a back-up feature to ensure all your pictures, videos, messages, wall posts, profile information et al, which you ever posted on the social networking site are intact and accessible at the click of a button. All this info is presented to you as a simple HTML file in zip format, so you can browse through it offline at will.

If you are one who keeps a tab on social networking news, you may recall a group of four NYU students who kickstarted Diaspora, claimed to be a privacy- aware, personally-controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network. The newly-added download feature may be Facebook’s bid at sprucing up privacy settings. After all, Facebook has faced a lot of flak on issues of privacy and security, and this move to make all information available in a zip format is being considered bold. What if you choose to move to another site, loaded with all your information, and decide to shut your Facebook account? But Facebook seems confident there are enough sticky elements to keep the users hooked to Facebook.

How to Download Data From Facebook

  1. To begin, login to use your Facebook account, go to the account option, and proceed to account settings at the top right
  2. When the settings screen appears, scroll down and go to the ‘Download your information’ option. The feature is not visible in the account settings of many Facebook fans. Here’s assuming it features in yours. If you want more details on the download feature, you can hit the ‘Learn more’ button next to the ‘Download your information’ option
  3. Having understood the type of data that your Facebook account consists of and what you are about to download, you can click on ‘Download’ and resume the process.
  4. A pop-up dialog box will appear saying ‘Request my download’ along with a ‘Download’ button that you need to click on. An email with a download link will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your Facebook profile. Open the e-mail message and click the unique download link
  5. You will asked to go through the routine security grind of providing your password one final time before clicking ‘Download’ button to start downloading all the information on a zip file.
  6. Upon successful completion of the download, you may double click to unzip the contents in a folder. Double-clicking the index.html file in the folder will enable you to view the desired downloaded content arranged neatly for your convenience.

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