Easily Identify eBay & PayPal Phishing emails With Gmail’s Authentication Icon For Verified Senders

Written By Sam on 14 July 2009

You might sometimes be seeing phishing mailsin your Gmail account claiming that they are sent from PayPal, Citibank etc. But the truth is that those are some are the mails that are missed out from the Gmail’s eye. As Gmail supports email authentication standards including DomainKeys and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to verify senders and help identify forged messages, most of the time those phishing mails are not turned up even in the spam folder.


Gmail works closely with eBay and PayPal to ensure that the mails coming from PayPal or eBay are genuine. Buy you may not be always sure until you check the headers of the email. But now Gmail makes everything easy with “Authentication icon for verified senders“. You can turn on the “Authentication icon for verified senders” from the Labs tab under Settings, and you’ll see a key icon next to verified emails that are from a trustworthy sender. Right now this works with eBay and PayPal only.

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