4 Useful Open-Source Gmail Notifiers for Your Linux Machines

Written By Sam on 6 September 2009

If you are a heavy Gmail user then it will be very helpful for you to have a Gmail Notifier instead of checking your mails everytime from a web browser. If you are a Linux user then there are many open source application which will notify you when you have an incoming mail in your Gmail account. Some of the useful applications are Gmail Notifier, CheckGmail and KCheckGMail.

Gmail Notifier : Gmail Notifier is a Linux alternative for the notifier program released by Google for Gmail. It is written in Python and notifies you of new mail messages. Gmail Notifier resides in the task bar and displays a pop up when a new mail comes to your Gmail account. It even shows a short snippet of the mail which will be very useful. Configuration can be done from within the program, quota can be checked and it has multi-language support.


Download Gmail Notifier

CheckGmail : CheckGmail is an alternative Gmail Notifier for Linux and other *nix systems which is fast, secure and uses minimal bandwidth via the use of Atom feeds. When a new mail is present the tray icon changes, an optional animated popup is displayed and the tooltip message displays the number and details of new mails. Most of the Gmail operations like marking as read, archiving, deleting or reporting as spam can be done directly within CheckGmail. You can configure CheckGmail from the GUI that is provided with the application.


Download CheckGmail

KCheckGMail : KCheckGMail is a simple KDE application which notifies when new email is received in a Gmail account. KCheckGMail is a small utility which is available in multiple languages. It shows you eMail snippets along with attachment. KCheckGMail also features more functionality via DCOP, customizable search, password safety using the KDE Wallet, customizable check interval, secure login and data retrieval using https.


Download KCheckGMail

Alternatively if you are using Firefox on your Linux machine then you can use the Gmail Notifier Firefox add-on. Gmail Notifier supports checking multiple accounts as well as Gmail Hosted accounts. Gmail Notifier stores all passwords in your browser’s password manager and it defaults to using https to connect to Gmail unless you check an option in preferences.

Download Gmail Notifier Firefox Add-on

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