Google’s Fast Flip Helps You Read Online News in a Very Special Way

Written By Sam on 15 September 2009

Do you love to read online news but frustrated to wait longtime to open all media pages? Then I have a very good news for you. Google Labs has come up with Google Fast Flip which can be accessed at This Fast Flip gives you a different experience in reading online magazines. Usually we face some problems when we reading online articles like it will take more then 10 seconds to load a page from media-rich websites. Fast Flip works really fast without any delays and you need not wait for files to be loaded. This wonderful Google Fast Flip allows you to browse bundles of recent news, popular stories and most of the newspaper’s headlines. You can also find news articles from top individual publishers. You can surf many pages with in short time and also can share the content with your friends. The additional feature of Fast Flip is its ability to personalize your choice of news search, sources topics and journalists. This makes you more comfortable to search the news and to select the content which you like to read.


Google’s latest Fast Flip shows the snapshot images of news content from many diverse news sites. You can then select the news which you want to read and just click on the particular snapshot which will turn to larger, readable image for your convince. By clicking on that larger article, you can reach the source page where the article is present. The articles you are interested can be sending through email to your friends and can be shared with community. This site also got a special mobile version with tactile page flipping for iPhone or Android.


To build this fantastic site, the Google Fast Flip joined hand with three dozen top publishers, which includes the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Fast Company, ProPublica, Salon and Newsweek. These news partners have their share in revenue earned from relevant ads. This site also paves an opportunity for the publishers to introduce their articles to new readers. This new idea gives good solution for many challenges faced by publishing industry and it also encourage the readers to read more necessary articles with a link.

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