How to Show and Hide Priority Inbox in Gmail

Written By Sam on 31 August 2010

Earlier we wrote about Gmail “Priority Inbox” that automatically identifies your important email and separates it out from everything else. With “Priority Inbox” Gmail uses a variety of signals to identify important email, including which messages you open and which you reply to and based on the data all your incoming emails gets separated into sections: “Important and unread“, “Starred” and “Everything else“.

Priority Inbox will be rolled out to Gmail and Google App users in the coming days. Once Priority Inbox is available for your account you will see “Priority Inbox” tab in Gmail settings. Based on your needs and requirements you can either show or hide Priority Inbox in Gmail.

Procedure to Show/Hide Priority Inbox in Gmail

  • Navigate to Settings in your Gmail and head over to “Priority Inbox” tab.
  • In Show Priority Inbox section select “Show Priority Inbox” to enable Gmail Priority Inbox.
  • Alternavitely to hide “Priority Inbox” you need to select “Do not show Priority Inbox”

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