Underclock or Overclock CPU Speed on Android Mobiles With SetCPU and Also Get Longer Battery Life

Written By Sam on 4 September 2010

Android is the most happening platform now and the number of Android handset users is rapidly increasing. If you posses an Android handset then this article is certainly for you. There is a new application called SetCPU in the Android market that is capable of increasing the battery life of the Rooted Android handsets. SetCPU can be used to change the clock speed of the Android CPU and enables the users to rejoice greater processor speed and increased performance. SetCPU does not require any hardware upgradation, which makes it even cooler. With SetCPU you can easily Underclock or Overclock CPU speed on Android Mobiles.

SetCPU enables you to control the processing speed of your handset by selecting the clock rate. SetCPU once installed onto your rooted handset, can be used to lower your phone’s maximum clock speed thus increasing the battery life. SetCPU has various profiles to select from that lets you customize CPU usage. SetCPU has a profile called “screen off” and different priorities (>90%, >80%, etc) in “below battery” settings for better performance. Experts suggest “Screen off” profile to have 100% priority for better battery life, as highest battery line is at the lowest priority.

Using SetCPU, you can set your clock speed – overclock or underclock it according to your requirements and avoid consumption of the battery when it is about to die. SetCPU also provides options various to choose such as return to the regular clock speed in case the CPU temperature increases or handset is overheated thus making it more convenient to utilize.

SetCPU needs few settings to be made in different Android handsets in order to work efficiently. For effective utilization of SetCPU, users of Droid will require custom kernel wherein HTC Evo/Incredible/Desire users should Disable Perflock from SetCPU’s menu along with HTC Sense as their home launcher. Priced at $1.99, SetCPU can be downloaded from Android market.

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