Updated Google Mobile App For BlackBerry Allows Gmail, Google Contacts and Docs Search

Written By Sam on 18 September 2010

Google Mobile App for BlackBerry has been updated with Gmail docs and Gmail contact search. The updated version would feature many enticing features to enthrall all the BlackBerry as well as Google admirers. With abilities to search local contacts and e-mails, Google Mobile app allows users to search on device at an ease. You can even browse scan through the cloud content using your BlackBerry handset and perform all the tasks you wish!

Updated Google Mobile App lets you manage messages from your Gmail account along with anything stored in the Google Docs thus making them accessible when needed. Google mobile app makes searching the cloud to find items in your Gmail, Google Contacts, and Google Docs in BlackBerry easy. This app lets you launch web-based apps such as Docs or Reader without having to log in again.Ensuring great security and encrypted data transmission, this app is worth trying. If you want to try this out, head to “m.google.com” without quotes in your BlackBerry’s browser and then click download!

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