Pinger Brings Free Calling To Your iPod Touch, Enables VoIP Calls Over 3G Data Network or Wi-Fi

Written By Sam on 29 September 2010

App developer Pinger already has a free text-messaging app Textfree under its belt. Now, it is all set to enhance its app offering by enabling free calls to your iPod Touch and iPhone. The Pinger Phone app is currently under beta testing. The app is targeted at the young and the hip, primarily the age-group between 12-25 years, who can now make VoIP calls over a 3G data network or Wi-fi.  This one is likely to catch the imagination of advertisers/brands that may want to reach out to the app’s target audience.

Here’s a cursory glance at the Pinger Phone:

  • Calls can be made using VoIP technology
  • Calls can be made to any phone in the US; inbound calls are free
  • Wi-Fi-only iPod touch can be now used as a phone
  • No need to connect to cellular networks
  • App provides a contact list with e-mail, phone, SMS and IM details of your contacts
  • Can handle text-to-IM chats
  • iPod Touch users can enter any mobile number to receive incoming messages from a text-to-IM chat

Users can reportedly download apps from other companies and earn voice minutes. A variety of apps is expected to be made available through which users can earn voice minutes. The developers have not set a date for a full-fledged launch. Even in its beta phase, the app is likely to challenge services that offer free or low-cost calls.

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