Procedure to Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G on iOS 4.1 Using RedSn0w [Windows and Mac]

Written By Sam on 16 July 2010

Apple has recently released the iOS 4.1 Beta for developers. If you are one of those who has upgraded your iPod Touch 2G(non MC) to iOS 4.1 you can use redsn0w to jailbreak it. The iPhone Dev-Team has released redsn0w 0.9.5 b5-5 which helps you in Jailbreaking 4.1 Firmware. iPhone Dev-Team has confirmed that redsn0w 0.9.5 works with only iPod Touch 2G at present. If you have already upgraded your iPod touch firmware to iOS 4.1 you can download Redsn0w 0.9.5 to Jailbreak iPod touch 2G on iOS 4.1.

How to Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G on iOS 4.1 Firmware With Redsn0w 0.9.5-b5

  • Download the latest version of iTunes and update your iPod touch 2G to the latest iOS 4.1 Firmware.
  • Download redsn0w 0.9.5 for Windows or Mac and also download iOS 4.0 ipsw file for iPod touch 2G.
  • Now run redsn0w 0.9.5 and browse to the original iOS 4.0 ipsw file.
  • Now select “Install Cydia” and click Next. You can also check the new features like “Enable Multitasking”, “Enable homescreen wallpaper” and “Enable battery percentage”.
  • Now redsn0w will show you some instructions to enter into Recovery mode.
    • Hold down the “Power” button and immediately without releasing the power button, also hold down the “Home” button. Without releasing the “Home” button, release the “Power” button and keep holding the “Home” button for 30 second or until the installation starts.
  • Your iPod Touch 2G will reboot once it is jailbroken

21 Responses to “Procedure to Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G on iOS 4.1 Using RedSn0w [Windows and Mac]”

  1. Oliver says:

    Hey I am trying to jailbreak my iTouch 2G and I go and download all files from everything i have read. 4.0 firmware and 4.0.2 firmware. I run redsnow and then click browse. When I click the firmware it goes threw. But instead of saying it recognizes it it says, ” Unable to recognize specified IPSW.”

  2. billy says:

    I can’t find the original IOS 4.0 firmware when i open redsnow. Plz help!

  3. walid says:

    all files you download are *.zip, rename it to *.ipsw and it will work, one problem occurs when i jailbreak with redsnow, at the end my ipod (2G, MB) want shut down and i cant acces cidia or add any apps, if you got the same problem, you know what to do ….. “post here”

  4. Chris says:

    Okay WTF, so I update to 4.1, I have 4.0 IPSW downloaded, I have Redsn0w 0.9.5 downloaded….hell I even downloaded 4.1 IPSW and now I run Redsn0w and it says that it works and everything is fine and yet Cydia has no icon and when I try to run it gives me some “unable to connect signal 5”. Also my ipod touch refuses to turn off. I hold the power button and slide the bar and it has the apple “hourglass” thing and it freezes and goes straight back to my home screen. Then I have to restore to 4.0 all over again. Does this jailbreak work at all or what?

  5. Chris says:

    Sorry, my post made it seem like I was overly angry and don’t appreciate the work that Redsn0w is doing. I am not and I do. I just don’t like fiddling with restores and having things on my iPod disappear. Alas, it doesn’t matter much, if I can’t get it to work I will wait for a stable version of Redsn0w to be released. Oh and in case anyone was wondering my iPod is 2nd generation MB.

    • XV says:

      Same problem. 2g MB model and browsing webpages is fine on 4.1 before jb, but everytime I jb it won’t connect to the internet. I can connect to it on the wifi settings page, but it takes ages for the wifi icon to appear on the status bar, and when it does it doesn’t allow me to surf, nor update cydia (which is stuck with a white icon). Also refuses to turn off after jb.

      For some weird reason that may be diagnostically relevant I can access my routers page. Thought it might be an encryption problem, which is all I can find for a solution, but it’s not.

      • stri says:

        EXACTLY the same thing happening to me…ANY response to this with even a possible solution would most definitely be welcome.

  6. Dan says:

    Hi I updated my itouch 2g (non MC) to 4.1 and tried to jailbreak with this and i thought it had worked but it hadn’t. My wifi didnt work and my ipod wouldnt turn off. The only way to sort it is to let the battery run out and when it gets stuck (as it wants to turn off but can’t) hold down home and power, this turned my ipod off. My only option then was to put into itunes and restore. I did this and it is fine now. Will just have to wait for a new jailbreak. Hope this helps anyone

  7. Jeff says:

    Been trying to jailbreak my gf’s ipod with the new 4.1 firmware but I’m still unable to get it to work. On ihelplounge they said that you have to add to sources and ignore all the errors but the thing I can’t seem to get working is the wifi so it’s unable to verify the url. I guess I just have to wait for a solid jailbreak come out in a week or 2 cause this is just giving me a headache.

  8. Jenko says:

    same story here..used RedSn0w 0.9.5 to jailbreak my iTouch 2G w/4.1 the white cydia icon..wifi is ok but can’t connect to the internet so i wasn’t able to fix cydia itself..tried to restore using itunes but failed..hmmm..what do we do now???

  9. yassbill says:

    hi guys,

    this method doesn’t work : cydia white + wifi off forget it !!!

    to go back :

    shut down ure ipod touch and connect via usb
    hard reboot (home+power button both & then home button only) restore to firmware 4.1 via itunes

    downgrade to 4.0 and jailbreak with the same method shown.

  10. Futra says:

    iPod touch 2G 8GB Non-MC model.

    4.0.2 jb > updated to 4.1 via itunes > jb 4.1 via redsn0w > wifi not working at every possible method > downgraded to 4.0.2 > jb 4.0.2 via redsn0w > restored from backup > everything’s back to normal.

  11. Victor says:

    seems like a lot of people are getting that blank cydia icon, and the non-working cydia. I tried it on my 2g w 4.1 and it happened. Cant do shit on cydia, plus the ipod wont turn off or hold music or apps; plus the wifi crashes.

  12. Julie says:

    Ok, when im done with most of the procedures, i get to the loading part and then when it says waiting for reboot, it freezes!!! WTF!!

  13. Emily says:

    ME TOO! i just keep getting stuck at the “waiting for reboot” screen! WTF!!!

  14. veronica says:

    everytime i finish jailbreaking my ipod, it makes me restore it!! 🙁

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