White iPhone 4 Delayed Further, Faulty Camera Suspected to be the New Reason

Written By Sam on 31 October 2010

When a white iPhone was spotted at a New York event earlier this month, reports came fast and thick that Apple was having trouble matching the white on the home button with the white on the front face plate. Now, there is speculation that it’s the white iPhone 4’s camera that causing trouble, pushing the shipping date further to next spring. Apple had once noted the white iPhone was “more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected.” And this time Apple is scratching its head because the phone cannot take good pictures.

Reports have quoted Apple sources as revealing that when the built-in flash is used to click pictures, the white case leaks light back in (not out as previous reports hinted). And we hear Apple may have to completely redesign the cases to get around this issue.

Apple is reported to have set up a secret testing facility for case manufacturers, who need to ensure their cases allow accurate photography before they get the ‘Made for iPhone’ tag. The company has already specified the width of the hole for the flash and the camera. The new snapper issue apparently emerged during a recent testing of some early cases. Watch this space for more.

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