Detect Malware and Phishing Attempts on Mac OS X With AVG LinkScanner For Mac

Written By Sam on 14 June 2010

If you sit before the Internet for longer times and do surf many of the sites then you would definitely require AVG LinkScanner. AVG LinkScanner checks Web pages in real-time and posts a warning to the users if it finds a Website that could pose potential problems. AVG LinkScanner scans all the links that you click and looks for Malware and Phishing attempts to protect you. Until now AVG LinkScanner is available to Windows users only, but now AVG is planning to bring the LinkScanner for Mac users also.

Though there weren’t many scenarios where Mac users are effected by Viruses and Malware there are certian types of Malware that can spread irrespective of the platform. So it is always a better idea to protect one selves rather than worrying after everything has slipped from the hands. AVG LinkScanner for Mac can protect you from the Data Snatchers and raise your internet security to the next level. LinkScanner analyzes every website behind every link you click or type into your internet browser and lets you know if the webpage you are visiting is safe before you even get there.

The free download of AVG LinkScanner for Mac is designed for OS X 10.5 and 10.6; it runs on Mozilla Firefox 3.x and later as well as Safari 3.x and later.

Via Macworld

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