MAC OS X Snow Leopard Has a Built-In Antivirus or Anti-Malware?

Written By Sam on 27 August 2009

The new Anti-Malware feature in Snow Leopard indicates that even Mac is not so immune to Malware. A report posted on Intego tells us that Snow Leopard contains an antivirus. Though there are very less Viruses made for MAC when compared with Windows, it is always safe and better to protect your MAC machines. There are also some Antivirus products like iAntivirus for MAC.


The screenshot at Intego shows the working of malware-check feature when a Trojan Horse is download via safari by Snow Leopard testers over at the MacRumors Forums. Though these claims are may not be 100% correct, but we can confirm this once Snow Leopard is released into the market this Friday.

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