MobileMe Service Updated With Latest iPhone OS 3.1, Snow Leopard and MobileMe Control Panel 1.5 for Windows

Written By Sam on 12 September 2009

Apple’s MobileMe service has been updated with new features and enhancements. Apart from this Apple has also unveiled iTunes 9, iPod Nano 5G, iPhone OS 3.1 which you might have read earlier. To get all the new features of MobileMe you need latest iPhone OS, Mac OS X Snow Leopard or MobileMe Control Panel 1.5 for Windows.


Improvements available with iPhone OS 3.1

Find My iPhone – You can now set a passcode lock for an iPhone/iPod touch remotely. When selecting the “play a sound” option with Display a Message, the sound is played at the loudest volume. If Fetch New Data is set to Manual when enabling Find My iPhone you are warned that Find My iPhone will not work.

Calendar and Bookmark Sync – Enables automatic syncing of subscribed calendars in iCal with iPhone and iPod touch. When you are setting up a MobileMe account on an iPhone or iPod touch all your bookmarks can be merged with existing bookmarks present in the device.

Improvements available with Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Mac Sync – The latest update reduces the frequency of data change alerts and moreover the data change threshold for a sync alert can be set in the Sync tab of the MobileMe System Preference.

MobileMe iDisk – The Sync menu extra spins whenever an iDisk sync is occurring. There is a new option in iDisk tab in the MobileMe System Preference which allows for automatic conflict resolution thus keeping the most recent version of the file. The Conflict Resolver includes Quicklook support which allows you to review the contents of many file types and determine which version to keep.

Back to My Mac – With the new Wake on Demand feature in Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard and an AirPort Base Station or Time Capsule, you can connect to a sleeping Mac to access your shared music, printers, files and more.

MobileMe Gallery – Movies that are created or opened in QuickTime Player can be published directly to your MobileMe Gallery.

Improvements available with MobileMe Control Panel 1.5 for Windows

MobileMe Control Panel 1.5 or later for Windows allows you to use a MobileMe calendar for the default in Outlook and this feature requires you to have either Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007. The latest version resolves several issues that may have resulted in incorrect ordering of bookmarks when syncing between Internet Explorer and Safari. The latest version also supports Microsoft Windows 7.

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