Watch Live TV on Nokia Mobiles For Free With Mobile TV Headset

Written By Sam on 10 September 2010

Nokia has launched its Mobile TV Headset, Digital Video Broadband – Handset (DVB-H), which is essentially a TV receiver for your mobile device. The Mobile TV Headset works wherever there is DVB-H coverage. The advantage is users can watch various programmes without an internet connection. The company also claims the headset is kinder on battery life than Web TV solutions. The good thing is that with the Nokia Mobile TV Headset you will spend a one time amount unlike the Mobile TV Apps where you pay heavy GPRS charges. Mobile TV Headset is expected to cost €40 before taxes and will be available in Q4 2010.

The Nokia Mobile TV Headset handles call reception and volume in a way where you can rest assured about not missing a call while watching a programme. There are keys available for changing channels and music controls for the player on your handset. Users can also download an app called Mobile TV available for compatible handsets. The app comes pre-installed on some compatible devices. The headset works with the forthcoming Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices that come with the USB-on-the-go feature.

While all this sounds good, there is an important pre-requisite that you would have to consider before you can actually enjoy this service – a proper DVB-H coverage. Nokia has admitted that many service providers still strugging to sort frequency and licencing issues in some countries. Till these issues are eased, the mobile TV concept may sound good merely on theory excepting in places like Netherlands, Russia, New Delhi, Helsinki etc where there are working DVB-H services.

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