PSJailbreak Add-on PSDowngrade Gives Sony a Hard Time; Can Downgrade PS3 Console’s Firmware

Written By Sam on 17 November 2010

It seems like Sony woke up sleeping monsters when it removed the ‘Other OS’ feature from its Play Station 3 version, which was done to provide a secure system for PS3 owners to get continuous access to a broad gaming and entertainment range from Sony Computer Entertainment and its content partners. However, those users who still chose to use the Other OS feature had to do away with certain functions and privileges like:

  • The ability to sign into the Play Station Network.
  • Playback of copyright protected videos that are stored on media servers.
  • Being able to use new features and improvements that would be available on the PS3 system software version 3.21 and later.
  • Playing software titles or Blu-ray discs that need the PS 3 software version 3.21 or later.

That’s when PSJailbreak made its entry and rooted the otherwise impenetrable Play Station 3. It is a USB plug and play solution that installs quickly, is compatible with fat and slim production models and supports all regions and games, plus backs up games on the computer’s internal or external hard drive through a USB.

Sony’s answer to them was the 3.42 and 3.50 firmware updates that countered the PSJailbreak. But in a rebound move, PSJailbreak has declared they have got the better of these firmware updates as well.

As if that wasn’t enough, they have also announced a software add-on for the PSJailbreak called the PSDowngrade. In less than a minute, it can downgrade the PS3 console’s firmware to any previous firmware version.

The ball is now in Sony’s court. They were trying to take a precautionary measure with the PS3 as they didn’t want it to become a piracy victim like the PSP. But from the looks of it, the complete opposite has happened. Even the highly popular racing game Gran Turismo got delayed due to the 3.50 update as the initial Blu-ray discs of the game did not need the 3.50 firmware version.

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