Download iTunes 10 For Windows and Mac Featuring Ping, AirPlay, Improved Syncing and HD TV Show Rentals

Written By Sam on 5 September 2010

iTunes 10 being the number one music community in the world with more than 160 million users, now comes with Ping, the popular music oriented social network. Apple recently announced iTunes 10 with added Ping that not only lets you connect with music passionates world wide but also follow your favorite artists and friends at an ease.

Ping is a vast social music discovery network that encompasses vivarious features to entice all the music lovers. Using Ping on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can follow your favorite artists, check updates and photos, create profiles on iTunes, and discover new music as well. Ping’s Recent Activity feed and consolidated Top 10 list makes its even powerful. iTunes 1o and Ping are accessable from your desktop, Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch and even on your Apple TV.

Apple’s new iTunes 10 enables you to rent your favorite HD TV shows (requires iOS 4 or later for iPhones/iPod Touches) from ABC, ABC Family, Fox, Disney Channel and BBC America and rejoice watching them from home for a price of just 99 cents per episode. You can rent the episodes for a duration of 30 days with 48 hours to finish it. iTunes 10 also includes AirPlay wireless music playback that lets you listen music on remote speakers using Apple’s AirPort Express base station and the best thing is you can now access the iTunes music library wirelessly from anywhere in the home without requiring any extra gear.

Huge collection catalog of 14 million songs, over 65000 TV episodes, over 10000 movies along with 3000 stunning high definition videos, iTunes 10 is a must have. You can download iTunes 10 with Ping from the official website.

Download iTunes 10

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