Watch HD Movies and TV Shows, Stream Netflix and YouTube Videos With New Apple TV Priced at $99

Written By Sam on 3 September 2010

In the latest Music Event Apple announced the new Apple TV along with New iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch With FaceTime, Multi-Touch iPod Nano, iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2. The new Apple TV offers you the best way to get your favorite HD movies and TV shows on your HD TV for a low price. Apple TV users can choose from the largest online selection of HD movies to rent. Users can select their favorite TV shows from ABC, ABC Family, Fox, Disney Channel and BBC America for just $0.99. Users can watch popular TV shows like Mad Men, Psych, Dexter, Top Gear, Family Guy, Big Bang Theory etc.

Apart from the Huge HD Movie collection and HD TV Shows users can enjoy great streaming videos. Apple TV can also stream content from Netflix, YouTube, Flickr and MobileMe, as well as music, photos and video from your PC and Mac to your HD TV. Apple TV features HDMI, Wi-Fi and Ethernet in a box less than four square inches which is 80% smaller than the previous generation.

Apple TV users can rent thousands of commercial free, HD TV shows on iTunes for just 99 cents with up to 30 days to start watching and then 48 hours to finish or watch multiple times. Apple TV also offers access to the catalog of Netflix streaming to subscribers of Netflix, and the ability to browse and search the content. Apple TV users can also enjoy millions of YouTube videos, over 200,000 podcasts, 4,000 Internet radio stations and personal photos from MobileMe and Flickr.

Apple TV can be very easily configured in a few clicks on the Apple Remote. Alternatively users can also control Apple TV with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the Remote application, available for free download from the App Store. Apple TV will be available late this month for a suggested retail price of $99 (US) and can be pre-ordered on Apple’s online store. Users have to note that iTunes TV show rentals and Netflix are only available in the US and iTunes movies rentals are only available in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

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  1. Chong Nuniz says:

    Good thing i stumbled upon this site. HAHA.. this is what happens when you stay up late, and .. LOL Free gifts at the site

  2. Winston Gore says:

    I know this is random… but, what is the point in having an extended warranty offer on a freaking plasma tv, when the manufacturer warranty is over 2 yrs old? Hell… buy the time you blow it out, it wont be worth much anyway.. Sorry.. i know its random, just blowing off some steam.

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