Encrypt Your Instant Messages With BitDefender Chat Encryption

Written By Sam on 30 May 2009

If you suspect that some one is eying on your instant messaging conversations then you must try out some encryption software which will encrypt your conversations. BitDefender chat encryption is one such very useful program which keeps your instant messages safe. BitDefender Chat Encryption will encrypt your instant messages so that they are safe.

BitDefender chat encryption will be very helpful when you have got some confidential talk over instant messaging. It will keep you safe from others through a simple and automatic encryption process. BitDefender delivers IM privacy in a snap which secures all your communications via Yahoo Messenger 8 and Windows Live Messenger 8.5. Inorder to protect yourselves with BitDefender chat encryption, you should ensure that the person with whom you are talking to on the other side has also installed BitDefender chat encryption on their computer.


Main Features of BitDefender chat encryption

  • Privacy in a snap: The encryption procedure begins automatically with this feature when a conversation is initiated. It doesn’t require any password.
  • No Message hijacking: This allows you and your partner to access the IM conversations on a top level encryption.

As BitDefender chat encryption is FREE, you can invite your friends to use it. After they install the product your conversations are encrypted and safe. BitDefender chat encryption works with Yahoo! Messenger v8 or higher and Windows Live Messenger v8.5 or higher on Windows XP SP2(32 bit) and Windows Vista (32 bit). So if you are looking to protect instant messages then try out BitDefender chat encryption.

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