Turn Any Directory Into Virtual Drive With Virtual Driver [Freeware]

Written By Sam on 12 September 2010

If you wish to create virtual drive from the hard drive of your computer, and are not comfortable doing it using Windows tools, you may want to try the Virtual Driver program.

Virtual Driver comes with a graphical, user-friendly interface. When you select a folder that you wish to turn into a drive, all you need to do is right-click and access the program’s specific context menu entry and create a virtual drive out of the selected folder. The directory remains unchanged; but also becomes available as a drive letter.

The UI enables the user to change and adjust the settings, create a drive label and icon. The changes in settings can be saved for future access by choosing the permanent session option. There is also an option to make the changes temporarily for the current session. The right-click holds the key to unmapping permanent virtual drives.

Download Virtual Driver

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