Tweak and Modify Windows Boot Loader With EasyBCD For Windows 7 and Vista

Written By Sam on 30 August 2010

Configuring your computer for a Dual Boot is always a pain unless you are Geek! But now with the help of EasyBCD you can easily tweak your bootloader and setup your computer for Dual-Boot. EasyBCD extends and revamps the Windows Vista and Windows 7 BCD bootloader to modify it according to your eneds. With EasyBCD you can easily setup and configure dual-boot between Windows 7, Windows Vista, older versions of Windows such as XP & 2003, Linux, Ubuntu, BSD and Mac OS X is a breeze.

EasyBCD will be very helpful even for newbies. You can easily add an entry to your old XP partition or create a duplicate for testing purposes. You can even debug the Windows Kernel or setup multiple OS’s on your computer.

Features of EasyBCD

  • Boot into Windows 7, XP, Vista, Ubuntu, OS X and more
  • Boot from USB, Network, ISO images, Virtual Harddisks (VHD), WinPE and more
  • Repair the Windows bootloader, change your boot drive and create a bootable USB
  • Rename entries, set default boot target, change BCD timeout and hide the boot menu
  • Create custom boot sequence, hide drives on boot, backup and restore configurations
  • Automatic configuration and one-click setup of Windows XP dual-boots. No more mucking around w/ boot.ini and NTDETECT + NTLDR
  • Support for multiple top-level Windows XP entries.
  • Support for GRUB2 and ext4fs
  • Create bootable USB drives
  • Ability to create safe-mode entries
  • Improved MBR repair, BCD repair and more

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