How To Track Google Adsense Cheque Payments in India Sent Via Blue Dart

Written By Sam on 10 September 2010

If you are you a blogger or webmaster who have been using Google Adsense as a revenue generator, then this article is certainly helpful to you. This article lists the simple steps to obtain details about your courier service and the probable cheque arrival dates and time of your Adsense Cheque in India. Using these steps you can easily trace Adsense Cheques and the courier services being utilized for delivering your payments. In India Adsense Cheques are delivered via Blue Dart and you can use their website to track Adsense Cheque.

How To Track Google Adsense Cheque Status

  1. Log into your Google Adsense account –
  2. Click on My Account and proceed to the payment history section
  3. Then click on the link of this month’s payment payment issued, which then provides the details of the Google Adsense cheque being issued.
  4. Copy the Payment number excluding the initial zero and proceed to the Bluedart website at
  5. In the Bluedart website, enter your payment number in the Tracking service checker and select the Reference Number (Ref no) instead of Waybill.
  6. And there you go with the details required!

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