Step-by-step Guide to Simplify Your Attempt at Creating Unique Ringtones in iTunes 10

Written By Sam on 6 October 2010

Having problems creating ringtones in your upgraded iTunes 10? Here is a tried and tested step-by-step guide intended to simplify your attempt at creating a unique ringtone successfully:

Step 1 – Selecting a tune

Once you have launched iTunes 10 and selected your desired tune, what remains to be done is zeroing in on the exact part of the track (about 30 seconds) that you wish to convert to a ringtone. Remember to note the start and end time of the section picked. You will need them shortly.

Step 2 – Cropping the tune

The next step is to right click on selected track and proceeding to the ‘Get Info’ option in the menu. An Options tab will be visible with a section asking you to specify the Start and Stop Times. Feed in the relevant details and hit OK to proceed to the next step.

Step 3 – Converting the selected track to AAC Version

Right click on the track again but this time go to the ‘Create AAC Version’ option. iTunes will now convert the a copy of the track to AAC format. On successful conversion you will be able to see details pertaining to the new file. For this you need to right click on the file, proceed to ‘Get Info’ and then finally to the Summary tab.

Step 4 – Deleting the duplicate song

Here’s the bit that need a little care. After the first three steps have been completed, iTunes ends up creating a duplicate version of the song you selected. Carefully select the version that is the duplicate and click on Delete.

Step 5 – Renaming file

Next, launch Finder and proceed to Music, from there to iTunes, then to iTunes Media, and finally to Music. Under Music is will be the folder of the artist whose track you picked for your ringtone. In this will be a file with the .m4a extension. That’s the file you should be looking for before hitting the return key. To complete this step, rename the file and replace the m4a extension with .m4r.

Step 6 – Importing renamed file into iTunes

All that’s left to do is double-clicking on the renamed file and importing it into iTunes. The file will automatically find its place in the iTunes Ringtones section.

Are we done? Yes. Except that you need to go back to Step 2 just one last time to change the Start and Stop Times back to the original settings.

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