Scan Your WordPress Blog for Malicious Code using WordPress Exploit Scanner

Written By Sam on 21 October 2009

These days there are many attacks targeted at WordPress Blogs. If you have got a WordPress blog and are smelling something unusual then do scan your blog with the WordPress Exploit Scanner. WordPress Exploit Scanner searches the files and database of your blog for signs of suspicious activity. Do remember that this plugin will not stop someone hacking into your site, but it will just help you to find any malicious or compromised files left by the hacker.


When someone hacks your WordPress blog they leave behind some scripts, hide spam links and modify the content which is not very easy to find manually. All this will lower your search engine rankings and Google may even ban your site. This plugin will help you to find all those malicious code. Sometimes the database can also be used to hide content or be used to run code. Spam links are sometimes added to blog posts and comments and are hidden by using CSS so visitors don’t see them, but search engines do. This plugin searches through your site and attempts to find those changed files and db records. Though this is not a perfect plugin to find malicious code in your blog, it atleast helps you to find some of them.

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  1. What happens if this plugin just goes to a white screen and never does anything else? Please help…I’ve been getting reports that I have a trojan virus on my blog, but I don’t know what to do to fix it. Thanks!

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