Keep Track of Posts Across Multiple Blogs With Subscriptions Reader

Written By Sam on 12 September 2010

WordPress has added a new subscriptions feature to enable convenient tracking of posts across multiple blogs, all in a single window. This is likely to be particularly beneficial for non-technical Internet users who may not find RSS feeds too easy to manage.

What WordPress has done is fairly simple. It has introduced a ‘Subscribe to blog’ option in the Subscriptions menu of its admin bar. So, if you are a regular reader of a particular blog and wish to be notified when new posts are published, you need to activate the ‘Subcribe to blog’ option for that blog. This will instantly enable your subscription to the desired blog and all current and future posts will be added to the subscriptions tab on your home screen.

The next time you visit, if new posts have been published on any of the blogs you have subscribed to, you will see a ‘New’ notification on the admin bar. You can now use the ‘My Subscriptions’ menu to access your subscriptions reader, or can head straight to your subscriptions by using the new subscriptions tab on the home screen.

WordPress has also enabled e-mail notifications of new posts, and jabber subscriptions that will ensure all fresh posts from your desired blogs are sent to you instantly via instant messenger.

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