Apple Restores The Antiglare (Matte) Screen Option to 15″ MacBook Pro

Written By Sam on 12 August 2009

Apple again added the antiglare upgrade option to its 15-inch line of MacBook Pro notebooks. This option of antiglare display is already available for the 17-inch MacBook Pro. The sad thing is that the 13-inch MacBook Pro’s doesn’t offer the antiglare upgrade and only offers the glossy display. The antiglare upgrade option for 15-inch MacBook Pro line will cost you $50.


The glossy display provide crisp images, vivid colors which are ideal for viewing photos and movies and the edge-to-edge cover glass creates a smooth, seamless surface. Only some people loved it. Creative professionals who feels that color is more accurate on an antiglare display are always looking for that option in other MacBook’s. So Apple extended the antiglare option for the 15-inch MacBook Pro line.

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