Apple MacBook Air External Battery or Charger – Apple Juicz

Written By Sam on 15 June 2010

QuickerTek has recently launched the third generation Apple Juicz external battery which suits for Apple MacBook Air laptop. This model has been developed to use the Standard Magsafe power adapter to recharge the external battery. You do not need an additional AC power adapter to carry along with you. For Macbook, the external battery launched is the one provided with two female USB ports. You can use these two ports at the same time to charge any kind of USB device which receives power through USB. This external battery also serves as proprietary circuitry for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone during charging and power almost all the models of the MacBook Air laptop.

This product is designed to last long as it uses industrial grade Li-ion polymer high-capacity 9400 milliamp hour(mAh) batteries which can be recharged in excess of 2000 times. When compared to the usual external battery you can find enhanced features in Apple juicz for battery powered device which includes circuitry to aid fail-safe protection. Besides this, you have extra features like cell balancing, temperature control, charge/discharge rates monitoring and fuel gauge indicator when pressed will show you the amount of “Juicz” remaining in the battery.

QuickerTek’s latest third generation Apple Juicz External Battery exclusive for MacBook Air is released in the website and resellers like Tekserve for $399.92(USD).You have one year warranty for parts and labor for the Apple Juicz External battery.

Features of External battery for MacBook Air

  • When you work on you computer, the QuickerTek’s Macbook Air External battery powers and charges the internal battery, which provides 12 to 16 hours of battery life. So you get 6 to 10 additional hours of enhanced battery power
  • You will get know the working of the QuickerTek External Battery in the menu bar, the battery charge percentage will stay 100% for hours, prior it touches the internal battery
  • With the help of AC wall adapter the stock Apple MacBook Air recharges in four hours, whereas QuickerTek External battery takes only three hours to get charged.
  • It has been designed to match all apple devices hence you may feel stylish to carry this along with other Apple devices. The MacBook Air External battery is light weighted one, very attractive and more powerful.

MacBook Air External Battery or Charger

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