Charge Your Apple Magic Mouse Wirelessly With Mobee’s Wireless Magic Charger

Written By Sam on 7 September 2010

Some time back in last October Apple has launched its trendy wireless Magic Mouse. The main drawback of this mouse is that it’s battery drains pretty quickly impacting the user experience and users have to recharge it at regular intervals. But now, user’s need not worry about constantly charging their Magic Mouse, as a new wireless portable charger called Magic Charger has been launched to resolve this issue. Thanks to Mobee, a small but innovative company that introduced Wireless Magic Charger, a charger specially designed to charge the Magic Mouse.

Mobee’s Magic Charger is a portable inductive charging base which fits right into the mouse, without requiring an extra sleeve. Weighing around 37gms, this battery pack is much lighter than the routine alkaline batteries. Once Magic Charger gets full powered (after charging for 6 continuous hours), it can be utilized to charge Magic Charger for nearly 6 days, which is really enchanting. The stylish and sleek design of Magic Charger makes it a perfect product for the Magic Mouse. Magic Charger is being retailed for a price of $49.90. Though the price is little high, it is certainly worth purchasing!

Mobee Magic Charger Technical Specifications

Base Station Size : 4.64 in x 2.55 in x 0.35 in
118 mm x 65 mm x 9 mm
Base Station Weight : 1.94 oz / 55 g
Replacement Battery Weight : 1.30 oz / 37 g
Autonomy : 6 days
Full Charge Time : 6 hours
Power Consumption on USB : 270 mAh Max.
Battery Life : 500 Cycles
Cable Length : 43.3 in / 110 cm
Warranty : One Year

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