SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Drive – Smallest USB Flash Drive From SanDisk

Written By Sam on 28 July 2010

SanDisk Corporation announced the launch of its smallest USB 2.0 flash drive in USA and Canada. The paper clip sized, sleek SanDisk Cruzer Blade weighs just about the same as a penny. It is small enough to fit in on a keychain or cell phone dongle. Although small in size, it packs high-capacity storage and is a great value for money.

Presently, SanDisk Cruzer Blade is available in 4 capacities that include 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. The drive has been designed to enable the consumers to take their music, pictures, documents and other digital content, in the most compact way possible, while on the move. According to Kent Perry, director, retail product marketing, SanDisk, “The drive lets users transfer their digital data quickly between computers, and delivers a storage boost to devices such as Netbooks that often need additional memory but are difficult to upgrade easily.”

A flash drive of 4GB storage capacity can pack over a 1000 songs, nearly 1,200 high- resolution photos, or about 8 hours of 768kb/s video. The SanDisk Corporations recommended prices are 2GB ($14.99), 4GB ($21.99), 8GB ($38.99), and 16GB ($77.99). However, these sleek storage devices are presently available at much lower prices. In fact, Amazon is offering a 16 GB SanDisk Cruzer for $31, with free shipping. These flash drives surely provide a highly portable storage at a great value.

Although compact in size, SanDisk Cruzer Blade is quite sturdy and offers a reliable storage of the digital content. The flash drive comes with a two year warranty. The SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB flash drive is also available at, for customers in United States and Canada.

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