New Verizon iPad Data Plans Goes For 5GB for $50, 3GB for $30, and 1GB for $20, More Data than AT&T

Written By Sam on 17 October 2010

It isn’t long when Apple and Verizon announced that the iPad Wi-Fi only will be coming to Verizon on October 28. This Wi-Fi only iPad does not include access to Verizon’s 3G network because it does not have 3G. However it will come bundled with Verizon’s MiFi cards. And this comes at the same price point with a 3G-enabled iPad on AT&T.

After this announcement of the Apple iPad, Verizon has now provided additional details on the data plans that it will offer with its MiFi-iPad bundles when they become available. Verizon noted that a 1GB data plan would go for $20 per month and just like AT&T, Verizon will not enforce any contract length on its service agreements. Also, plans will be available on a monthly basis without any need for a contract. Other released information about its full iPad data plans include pre-bundled rates that are larger than AT&T’s.

The Verizon data plans for the iPad according to Verizon iPad and MiFi Bundle FAQ {} are as follows;

  • $20 per month for 1GB ($20 for each additional 1GB)
  • $35 per month for 3GB ($10 for each additional 1GB)
  • $50 per month for 5GB ($10 for each additional 1GB)

If you compare this with AT&T, you’d glimpse some pretty interesting details. First of all AT&T, which initially offered customers the option of unlimited data for $29.99 a month suddenly changed their plans drastically in June. So if you were not in the new plan after June or prior to the AT&T announcement then you will have to make do with the new plan. Otherwise you had the option of sticking with the old unlimited plans. To expatiate further, the new AT&T plans includes 200 MB of data for $15 per month — this can be stacked if you exceed 200 MB, or you can upgrade to the 2GB plan before you reach 200 MB.

  • 2GB of data for $25 per month (each additional GB is $10 per month)

Careful analysis between the two service providers’ plans show that the price is almost the same until you get to the summit of 5GB data consumption, at which point Verizon becomes $5 cheaper, that is if you began with the Verizon 5GB. The other favorable characteristic of the Verizon plan is that it is quite flexible with different price lists. It also encourages customers to choose the higher-priced data-only plans points because the less expensive $20 plan will incur a charge of $20 per additional GB used; while the more expensive $35 and $50 plan will incur a charge of only $10 per GB.

All that said, most customers’ data usage, depending on how you use it, are unlikely to go beyond 2GB per month. However, one has to keep in mind that streaming movies from movie sites like Netflix and Hulu or other video services can severely gulp up one’s bandwidth.

The caution to be noted here is that this discounted price lists are only available to customers who would buy an iPad with a MiFi hotspot from Verizon. Consequently, customers that buy either device separately will not be eligible for these discounted plans. The bundles are actually priced reasonably, as the 16GB iPad Wi-Fi together with a MiFi cost $629, a price point that matches the cost for a 3G-enabled version of Apple’s popular tablet (as mentioned earlier). On the other hand Verizon sells its MiFi for over $200 without a contact and includes a $60/5Gb data plan.

So if you must use the iPad WI-Fi only with Verizon, it is actually advisable you get them from Verizon at the discounted price.

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