Apple Working on Low Cost iPhone To Boost the Sales in Developed and Developing Markets

Written By Sam on 1 March 2010

There are many news that Apple is planning to come up with low cost iPhone in June 2010. As per a survey it shows that if the “ownership cost” and “service plan cost” of the Apple iPhone are reduced, the sales of Apple iPhone would further rise to new level. Based on the survey Apple is presently working on to reduce the ownership cost of Apple iPhone. It is also planning to introduce new features like “gesture-based functionality”.

The survey shows that the greatest barrier for iPhone adoption in the developed markets like U.S and emerging markets like India and China is the “ownership cost” of the phone i.e the cost you pay to own the phone initially(3G 99$ and 3GS 199$) and the remaining which you pay in parts along with your service plan. Another barrier is the “service plan cost” provided by service providers. There are others barriers which are also to be looked upon like upfront payment, contract length, choice of service provider, size of phone, internet speed, Battery etc.

But, Apple is focused to work on reducing the cost of production of Apple iPhone, so as to boost it sales much further. Regarding Service plan cost, Apple has to work with service providers. This is great piece of news for people who are planning to own Apple iPhone and are pushed-down by the cost of ownership and cost of service plan.

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