Cooler Master Gives Exclusive Prizes For Silent Pro Gold Owners

Written By Sam on 6 July 2010

There are many ways to promote a new product, it is up to the company discretion to choose the right way to promote their products. Some of them think a press announcement will be ideal one which will list down the advantages of the product. But few of them take the product premium features as the important factor and put forward them to market the product. Cooler Master has also chosen a way to establish their product in the market. Precisely the Chassis, PSU and cooling solutions have decided to offer prizes to its users.

Silent Pro Gold series of high-efficiency power supplies is the new product announced by Cooler Master. This product has all the premium features in it and seen as a high quality product. The features of these PSU’s include MTBF of 100,00 hours, has wattage range between 600W and 1,200W and they are 80Plus Gold certified. So now they have decided to celebrate their release of the product by distributing prizes.

The prizes granted by them are pretty cool which includes V6 CPU cooler, HAF X Gold chassis, 64GB solid state drive and a Gold USB flash drive. Not only this, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 480 high end DirectX 11 graphics card is the grand prize offered by Cooler Master.

Now let’s know the way to grab these prizes, all you have to do is to buy either of the Silent Pro Gold supplies and make yourself eligible for the contest. They might have a flash game with weekly draws where the customers will be selected for the available prizes. Users can buy the products and also have the opportunity to win the major products.

Prizes for Play to Win

  • Gold Medallion + HAF X Gold + V6 + SSD 64GB – 1 Nos
  • Gold Coin + V6 – 3 Nos
  • 4G Golden Flash Drive – 30 Nos

Prizes for Silent Pro Gold Owners

  • Gold Medallion + HAF X Gold + V6GT + GTX480 – 1 Nos
  • Gold Coin + V6GT – 3 Nos
  • 8G Golden Flash Drive – 10 Nos

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