Gmail and Google Buzz Gets Google Maps Preview Labs Feature

Written By Sam on 8 June 2010

Until now Gmail was able to preview only certain items like YouTube videos, Flickr images etc. But now you can also preview Google Maps in Gmail and Google Buzz by enabling “Google Maps previews in mail” from the Gmail Labs tab under Settings. So once you enable the feature, for any mail that you receive with an address or a Google Maps link, a preview will appear containing an interactive Google Map of that location. This will definitely be going to save a lot of time to many users.

Enable “Google Maps previews in mail” will help you to easily find locations on a map with little or no work. With this feature any Google Maps URL will work, but currently they only extract US addresses. More over when you paste a Google Maps link into the post box in Google Buzz, it will automatically fetch a static image preview of that location that you can associate with your post.

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