Play Games in Google Talk With Realtime Gadgets API

Written By Sam on 30 May 2009

Google is bringing in a lot of changes to the web with their great products. Now they have come up with a realtime gadgets API for Google Talk. Currently this will be useful if you want to play games with your online friends. But I see that this API will be very useful in the future to interact effectively with your online friends.

Realtime gadgets API for Google Talk is a great news for Google talk users as you can enjoy online games while chatting with friends on Google Talk. As of now this works with web based Google Talk Sandbox and it is expected soon to be available in Gtalk application also.


gadgets.realtime and the APIs built on top of it allow gadget developers to write applications that communicate asynchronously with another endpoint which can be another instance of the application, a container hosting the gadget or an application hosted in the cloud. There are many use cases like a chat application that translates text as participants type it, or a shared whiteboard, or an application that lets friends choose the best hotel etc.

Well, here is the quick procedure to play games on web based Google Talk with your friends:

  1. Open Google Talk Sandbox (Firefox only, no IE).
  2. Click on any friend name in your Gtalk buddy list.
  3. Click Options > Start Applications
  4. Then enter URL of game gadget and start playing.

The application of API’s is 1:1 gaming – like a most basic Tic-Tac-Toe game between two users. The API’s are available in a developer sandbox for now which include a special interface of Gmail Chat.


Here is how you can play Chess with a friend on Gtalk.

Go to the sandbox and send the Google Talk Sandbox link( to your Friend.

When your friend starts to use Google Talk sandbox, click on “Options”, select “Start application” and paste the url of the chess game ( and press Enter.

Other Examples

Rock, Paper, Scissors

So are you ready to play games with Gtalk buddies? Try out this API and share your views here.

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