Yahoo! Web Analytics – Understand Your Visitors Better With Enterprise Level Website Analytics System

Written By Sam on 18 August 2009

Many of you must be using Google Analytics or a similar service to know more about your website statistics. But do you know that Yahoo is also providing a Yahoo! web analytics service as Google does.? Yahoo is providing a free full featured enterprise analytics solution which provides insights to demographics and category interests of your website visitors. Features like powerful and flexible dashboards, segmentation tools and campaign management features makes it faster and easier for online marketers and web masters. Yahoo web analytics is more than simply a reporting tool by storing data in raw. Historical data can be segmented instantly and can be visualized with advanced graphs. But the sad thing is that Yahoo Analytics is currently available for only Yahoo! Advertisers, Yahoo!’s hosted ecommerce customers and Yahoo! web analytics consultants. The good thing is that Yahoo Analytics will be available for all the users by the end of 2009.


Features of Yahoo! Web Analytics

Executive Analytic Dashboards: You can customize your Dashboard with the KPI’s, time periods, benchmarks, goals and chart with which you can track to monitor your web business. You can easily create your dashboard widgets. Each user can create multiple personalized dashboards per website.

Raw and Real Time Data Collection: You can see data of who is visiting your website, click paths, time spent, actions taken and other information about particular visits. With all these you can get near real-time data about your website.

Visitor Demographics Reports: This is a new feature, wherein you can understand your customers better and you can align your marketing with high performing audiences in new channels. These Demographic information can be used to create more targeted campaigns very easily.


Visitor Behavioral Reports: Here you can know the interest categories of your visitors based on the websites they visit. Interest Category and Yahoo! Property characteristics can also be used as segmentation dimensions.

Custom Reports and Custom Fields: This feature has been upgraded to customize your data collection with custom fields. New custom reports can be created and existing reports can edited. You can use the Custom Report Wizard to customize your reports.

Advanced Data Visualization with Notes: With new visualization options you can view reports. Notes can be added to charts and export annotated charts as PDF files.

Advanced PPC Campaign Management: You can track all your PPC, Display, Email and other campaigns from one single place. You can easily import PPC campaign information from Yahoo! Search Marketing and other search engines and integrate it with the actions and revenue to help you evaluate the ROI of campaigns, keywords, products, etc. in order to optimize keyword bids, product merchandising and budgeting.

Merchandise Reporting: To help promote profitable products, you can identify purchase patterns.You can upload and integrate offline product information, such as SKU’s, product names, product categories, and costs, via API calls, to provide new dimensions for analysis and enable truer ROI measurement.

Other features include Visitor Click Path Analysis, Pre-Configured Conversion Funnels and Ad Hoc Scenarios, Workflow Management and Fast Deployment.

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