Apple FaceTime for iPhone 4 Coming to iPod Touch and iPad

Written By Sam on 18 July 2010

Apple’s video calling feature, FaceTime, is ready to hit handheld devices like iPod Touch and iPad in addition to iPhone. So far, communication using FaceTime was possible, only between two Apple iPhone 4 users. The video call could be initiated by entering the recipient’s mobile number and then pressing the FaceTime button positioned adjacent to the mute, speaker phone and add call buttons on the i-Phone. The video call is started when the recipient accepts the call.

Firstly, only iPhone 4 has a dual camera, iPod touch does not even have a front facing camera. So how will the video chat be possible? Well, this brings us to the conclusion that the next version of iPod Touch will have atleast a front facing camera that “FaceTime” communicator will make use of. Till then the iPod Touch users may have to contend with voice only VOIP call, which is also a pretty good feature.

Secondly, whereas an iPhone 4 has a phone number, an iPod Touch does not have that. So, how will the FaceTime communicate with your iPod Touch and iPad. Well, according to Boy Genius Report, it actually works using an email id. Basically your apple hand-held devices will register your Apple ID. The other Apple devices will initiate a FaceTime video call to you, using your email id. The request to initiate a call using FaceTime will be delivered to the user using push notifications.

As we already know that the FaceTime video if of a high quality, this initiative is expected to take video and video conferencing to a whole new level.

via BGR

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