Top iPhone 4 Features – Video Calling, Retina Display, Multitasking and HD Video Recording

Written By Sam on 9 June 2010

At last the suspense wrapped around the much talked about iPhone 4 has come to an end, when the Apple Inc has officially announced its iPhone 4 at WWDC 2010, which was expected to be released in the first week of July. All new iPhone 4 is proved to be the best model among the apple series with 4 major stunning features, which would make the apple lovers go crazy. Facetime in the widget section allows you to make video calls; Retina Display makes it’s 3.5 inch display look more eye catchy, more brighter and crisp clear. One of the other highlight of this device is Multitasking, which has makes the navigation between the applications very easy for the users. Last but not the least the much awaited feature in the Apple iPhone is the HD video recording, which had made it a reality with the announcement of iPhone 4.

Time for Video Calling with Facetime

For all the apple lovers its time to video chat with their loved ones and friends. iPhone 4 has made the life very easy for all the its users, where they can start their video calling from iPhone 4 by a single finger tap by switching on Wi-Fi. The Facetime application is specially designed where one can directly start video calling without creating any account. All these amazing features are possible with two inbuilt cameras, front has been designed in sync with the Facetime and the other one for recording and sharing HD videos.

High Resolution Retina Display

iPhone 4 comes with a very high pixel density of around 326 pixels per inch which is almost four times more than the previous models of iPhone. This makes text in ebooks, web pages and e-mail crisp at any size. The technology used here by the apple engineers is the same one used in iPad which makes the picture look more beautiful within the same 3.5 inch display. The glass used on the screen is the same as the one used in high speed trains and helicopters making the glass more scratch resistant. Moreover when you a answer a phone call the screen turns off with an inbuilt sensor to save power and accidental dialing.

Make Life Easy With Multitasking

This is the best feature ever provided by any phone company ever. The multitasking interface allows user to quickly switch between the applications, and can be opened by a simple tap. Application can remember where you have left and one can always get back to what they were doing, may be listening music or playing a game. It has made this phone very compatible as one can always keep listening to their favorite music while using other applications. Also one can make voip calls over the internet and also keep the GPS running and constantly update the position. All together a perfect blend of technology and compatibility.

Shoot and Share your videos with HD Video Recording

As one carries their phone everywhere people wants to capture all their fun loving moments. This is made more interesting now with the iPhone 4 HD Video recording. Videos can be shot with same clarity both in bright and low light with the LED flash. Videos can be directly edited on the phone itself and also the same video clip can be done into a finished movie, with iMovie application coming soon to the Apple store at a reasonable price of $4.99. Also the video focus while recording can be used by a simple tap on the part you want to focus. A video portrait can be made from the front camera and the HD video is ready to be shared anywhere or publish to your MobileMe or YouTube with account just a tap away.

With all these features iPhone 4 is definitely be going to be a very BIG success.

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