10 Best Android Applications That You Must Install On Your SmartPhone

Written By Sam on 15 August 2010

There are various applications with amazing features for Android, the most powerful platform to entice all the users’ worldwide. In this article, we listed best ten applications for Android OS that are certainly worth trying.

Phone Halo Protect

Do you tend to forget your keys, mobile handsets often then Phone Halo Protect is the best solution for you, as it would easily locate them by causing the item to ring. Phone Halo Protect is a free application for Android handsets that would enable users to protect, locate, as well as recover the lost or misplaced devices at an ease.

Depending upon a Bluetooth fob to work well, Phone Halo Protect alerts you whenever you tend to forget or leave your belongings behind. Keeping your valuables safe, this application emails, and texts you the GPS coordinates where the item or handset was lost or misplaced. Phone Halo system automatically helps you recover your misplaced and lost items by e-mailing and texting you about the GPS coordinates of the lost item. You can even intimate your friends, family members through the social networks and quickly recover your valuables.

WaveSecure – Mobile Security

WaveSecure is an amazing application for Android handsets, which provides complete protection to mobile data. WaveSecure ensures privacy in the event of theft and helps in recovering as well as tracking the lost handset as well.

WaveSecure sends an SMS to your buddy whenever your handset is lost and helps to identify the person and location at which the handset at present is. WaveSecure remotely deletes the important and private data from handsets by triggering a remote wipe, this feature has capabilities to delete data from the removable media too. Priced at a $19.90, WaveSecure is certainly a very worthy, as this application is embedded with multiple enticing characteristics such as tracking lost phone, automatic locking and securing your handset and data back up that provide complete protection to the handsets.

A Good Reader

A Good Reader is an elegant Google Reader application for Android handsets that is available for free. Enabling users to read RSS and atom feeds at an ease, A Good Reader includes many other powerful features as well.

Using this application you can not only Cache, save, share and star, RSS and atom feeds but also save them to Instapaper and mobilize articles. This application enables users to refresh feeds or folders independently, thus saving time as well as data. If you are fond of reading books on the go, then trying “A Good Reader” is not a bad idea.


One of the applications available for Android handsets, FactBook is an tremendously useful application that brings world at your fingertips. Factbook application provides amazing facts and wide range of information about utmost everything in the world, statistical analysis, charts, graphs and many more just in fraction of seconds.

FactBook allows you to view various categories (Geography, Population, Geography, Government, Transportation, and Military) available and access volumes of data available in these categories. FactBook includes data from CIA World Fact Book and from the United Nations world data as well, which is certainly a cherry on top. FactBook is a free application can be downloaded from the official site.


SwiftKey is an Android application that takes the text entry of Android smart phones to the next level. Using TouchType’s breakthrough Fluency technology, SwiftKey predicts the next word you want to type before you even press a key thus enabling you to type quickly and easily.

SwiftKey application provides incredible accuracy whilst typing text. Including advanced error correction, this application is absolutely free and very reliable.

Google Sky Map

Turn you Android handset as a mini telescope using the Google Sky Map application. This Android application allows you to discover and browse the night sky just by pointing your phone to space.

Google Sky Map uses the Android phone’s orientation sensors, GPS and compass, intimates you a star map for your location. You can even explore planets, stars, constellations, and many more using this application. Google Sky Map is a free application is quite interesting too.


Another cool Android application, HulloMail is a smart voicemail and voice messaging app, that lets you access voice mails and missed call notifications via your handset, email or the web. HulloMail is a free application that also allows you to send instant voice messages to your contacts for free.

Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers

You can download more than 16 million Ringtones, message tones and  wallpapers shared by various  Zedge members using an Android application called Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers. This application lets you download the cool stuff onto your handset and directly apply them on the handsets from the  phone settings menu at an ease. Featuring an intuitive and fast user interface, Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers is a free application and is available for download.

Über Keyboard

Über keyboard is an Android application that makes Android handsets best suited for on-the-go business by vastly improving speed, accuracy, and productivity of the handset.  Formerly TalkToMe keyboard, Über Keyboard adds many enticing features to standard Android keyboard.

Features like Word suggestions, spelling corrections, advanced skinning capabilities, customizable QWERTY keyboard, arrow keys, user-defined images for keys, Voice recognition and many other features make Über Keyboard unique from various Android application available in the market.  Über Keyboard lets you to talk to type in any application such as Gmail, SMS/MMS/Messaging as well.  Über Keyboard costs around $1.49, which is certainly a worth!

GDocs for Android

GDocs is an Android application that lets you edit/view your Google Documents on your handsets. GDocs makes syncing documents much easier and lets you easily create, edit, view, import, export and send documents with your Google account.

Features of GDocs include multiple accounts support, support for Google Premier accounts, PDF viewer, support for multiple languages (French, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Russian, Romanian), access to files from Google cloud and many more. Supporting Android 1.5, GDocs is a free application.

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  1. Radhika roy says:

    there are too many new applications being launched in android market off late. The customers are really spoilt for the choice but who’s complaining. More the merrier.

    But android has opened possibility of a whole new world of mobility and also turned fortune for samsung as a mobile handset manufacturer.

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