10 Best Android Applications That You Must Install On Your SmartPhone [Part 2]

Written By Sam on 3 October 2010

This is a continuation to our earlier article where we shared 10 Best Android Apps that you must install on your Smartphone. Here are 10 more Apps that are worth trying.


MAndFileBrowser is a free Android application that lets you browse through various files at an ease. Still in the preAlphaRelease state, MAndFileBrowser is a simple file browser that allows you to perform actions like cut, copy and paste as well.

Layar Reality Browser

Layar Reality Browser is a browser that lets you see what is around you at an ease. This browser displays real time digital information on top of reality through the camera of your mobile phone allowing you to be access all the updated information.

Coming as a pre-installed application on the Samsung Galaxy, Layar is available for other Android handsets as well. Multiple webpages are displayed as various layers and one can easily switch between them either by selecting another layer through the menu button or by pressing the logobar or by simply swiping finger across the screen. Other features of Layar Reality Browser includes Search function, capabilities to add layers to favorites, Enhanced AR view, Map view and list view and many more.


Designed to work for Android handsets, MobisleNotes is a free notes application that enables you to create notes of the important things that you hate forgetting. MobisleNotes provides a simple user interface using which you can write plain text notes, create checklists, send your lists to anyone via e-mail or SMS at an ease.

QwikList Voice

QwikList Voice is an handy home screen application that enables you to add items to a list and perform various other actions just by speaking to your Android handset. Using Google Voice to text, QwikList Voice allows you to send/reply to the SMS, create reminders, shopping lists or even add to Google Calendar by simply speaking to the handset.

Running on Android 1.5 or greater, this application has been evaluated on devices like G1, Droid, and Nexus One. Being a free application and with many useful features, QwikList Voice is certainly worth for trail! You can grab from Android Market or at OnlyAndroid.

Theft Aware

Theft Aware is a cool Android application that helps you recover your lost or stolen handset. This application is also available for Symbian OS. Theft Aware works effectively in identifying the thief of your handset and activating this service is very simple process, all you to do is register two numbers – one of your friend and the other of your second phone if any. Whenever, your handset is lost or stolen, Theft Aware immediately sends alert messages to the registered numbers thus enabling you to stay in touch with your device. Another amazing feature of Theft Aware is it can invisibly send the thief’s number to registered recipient numbers, in case the thief changes the subscriber identity module (SIM).

Theft Aware also enables users to identify the current GPS location, get online map services links to Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps or Microsoft Bing Maps, Lock phone, activate loud siren, data deletion using remote commands. Available in English and German languages, Theft Aware is a free application that can be downloaded from the official website.


Twidroyd, an industry-standard twitter client for Android helps you rejoice all the features and functionalities of twitter on your Android handset. Being most used twitter application amongst various other twitter applications available, Twidroyd is available as a free and commercial pro versions.

The PRO version of Twidroyd is available for download in the Android market and all the Twidroyd users can upgrade their application to the PRO version if desired. However, in order to upgrade to PRO, access to official android market is essential.


Bokus is a free online bookstore application designed for Android OS. Featuring more than 4 million titles, Bokus provides quick delivery at very low prices as well. Latest version of Bokus is V1.1.3, which can be obtained from its official website. This application is available only in Sweden.

SMS2PC – SMS to Desktop with Notifications

SMS2PC is cool Android application that redirects the SMS’s sent to your handset automatically to your PC when you are working upon it. Using Wiki, SMS2PC not only enables you to reply to messages received but also allows you to create new ones from your Android address book as well. SMS2PC costs around $2.50 and can be obtained from the Android market.

MightyMeeting Free

MightyMeeting is an interesting Android application that lets you manage a library of PowerPoint presentations or even join or start a web meeting via your smartphone. MightyMeeting is a free application with many impressive features like stunning screen resolution, powerful search engine, tag-based navigation, capabilities to publish on various social networking like Facebook or Twitter with the flick of a finger and many more. MightyMeeting is certainly a helpful application especially for those representing their company’s or products.


3DCoche is a augmented reality Android application that lets you locate your parked car. 3DCoche enables you to view the position of your car on top of the camera view of your handset. Using 3DCoche, you can have an augmented reality or map view of the car along with the navigation directions. Priced for $0.69, this app also provides you a distance indicator and a parking timer as well.

These are few Android applications that are really worth trying from the huge list apps available in the Android market that provide much enriched experience to users worldwide. If we missed out anything from your favorite list then do let us know about it through the comment section!

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  1. Mary Cottingham says:

    I look forward to trying Twidroyd, but I find it hard to believe it is better than Seesmic… which is what I keep going back to on my Droid.

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