Useful Apps for Jailbroken iPhone – Orbit, Multiflow and Cydia’s Cydgets

Written By Sam on 28 December 2009

iPhone is becoming more popular not only because of its features but also because of the millions of applications that are available via the App Store. But there are also many wonderful applications that are available outside of the App Store. If you have got a jailbroken iPhone then they are many very good apps that allow you to do lot more on your iPhone which would otherwise be impossible; right now. There are many worth trying apps for jailbroken iPhone‘s and Orbit, Multiflow and Cydgets are some of them.

Orbit for Jailbroken iPhone

Orbit for Jailbroken iPhone

The updated version of the popular application for iPhone Spring boards, “Orbit (Expose)” provides quick navigation for the Springboard pages by screening them as thumbnails. Orbit is now available at a price of $1.99 from the Cydia Store. Orbit features better stack V3 support, toggle home button settings and spotlight tile along with added support for music controls. You can purchase it from the Cydia Store.

Multiflow – Multitasking App for Jailbroken iPhone

Multiflow - Multitasking App for Jailbroken iPhone

The Multitasking interface – Multiflow, earlier designed for Rock, is now available for Cydia at a price tag of $4.99. Multiflow enables iPhone users to not only run multiple applications at the background but also view and switch between those applications by holding the Home button. Multiflow provides the users with snapshots of the applications running in the background for easy access and uses very small and concrete code indicating the little usage of RAM and CPU. You can get it from the source –

Cydia’s Cydgets for Jailbroken iPhone

Cydia's Cydgets for Jailbroken iPhone

Apple’s iPhone does not provide any customization of the iPhone’s lock screen. But you can customize your iPhone’s lock screen by the widget called “Cydget” from the cydia. Cydget acts as a comprehensive substitute for the Winterboard lock widget. Cydget enables the developers to take the control of the lock screen and create interesting widgets. Make of the cydgets come are free of price with many features embedded in them.

Here are few popular cydgets available for a jail broken iPhone

HTC Hero Cydget: HTC Hero Cydget displays a clock and weather details upon the lock screen of your iPhone as in the HTC Hero. Though this doesn’t add much functionality, it just changes the dull, old and boring home screen.

WikiSearch Cydget: WikiSearch Cydget enables the users to search and browse Wikipedia from the initial lock screen. It displays a mobile version of Wikipedia on your lock screen. A free application, which will provide most of the functionality, you would normally have in search widgets.

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