Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Gets Hardware Acceleration, Streaming Video, Multi-Touch and Private Browsing

Written By Sam on 11 June 2010

After along testing Adobe has finally announced the availability of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Flash Player 10.1 for Android will be coming later in this month but you can now try out the beta version from the Android Market. Some of the new features in Adobe Flash Player 10.1 include hardware acceleration for 2D and 3D graphics and for video playback, improved performance, power management and Video, Multi-touch, Streaming Video and Browser Privacy mode.

Performance and Power Management

The Adobe Flash team has done some considerable amount of work to improve the performance of Flash Player. They have achieved some large gains in reducing the amount of memory used at runtime. Apart from this the ActionScript virtual machine also received some targeted optimizations, which directly benefit typed AS3 code. Flash Player 10.1 can now detect when memory is running low and shuts down the content that runs in Flash Player. There are also many improvements in the power management in Flash Player 10.1. Flash Player can now automatically reduce the power consumption for content running in the background on a non-visible browser tab to improve performance when users are multitasking. Moreover Apps for Flash Player will use significantly less CPU when the content is idle and consume less power in the process.

Hardware acceleration and Streaming video Improvements

One of the major improvement in Flash Player 10.1 is the support for hardware acceleration. Flash Player 10.1 introduces hardware based H.264 video decoding to deliver smooth, high quality video with minimal overhead across supported operating systems. Apart from hardware acceleration there are improvements in better buffering, P2P video, multicast and http streaming.


Many touch enabled devices like tablets and PCs are coming into the market and this has made to bring in the multi-touch feature with Flash Player 10.1. With Flash Player 10.1, you can take advantage of the latest hardware and operating system user interaction capabilities using a new set of ActionScript 3 APIs for multi-touch and native gesture events. It supports different gesters like pinch, scroll, rotate, scale, and two-finger tap.

Private Browsing

On of the new notable feature in Flash Player 10.1 is the support for the private mode in the browser. So when you run your supported browser in private mode Flash Player doesn’t cache the data on local system.

Download Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for Windows, Mac and Linux

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