Google Chrome Developer Preview Buils for Linux & MAC Available for Download

Written By Sam on 6 June 2009

Finally Google Chrome is available for Mac and Linux users. You can now download and install the developer preview of Google Chrome which is highly unstable and little limited when concerned with its functionality. This release is mainly aimed at developers and testers who love to take great pleasure in trying out new applications.


Google decided to release a developer preview of Google Chrome for those who are interested in an early version of the chrome browser for Linux and MAC. With this current release you will not be able to view YouTube videos, cannot change your privacy settings, no default search provider and even there is no print option. There are some reasons why people are interested in using Google Chrome. Google Chrome uses individual processes for each tab which is different from web browsers like Mozilla’s Firefox, IE or Opera. Another Specific feature is the Incognito, which allows you to start a special browsing session with no data being saved on your computer.

The Mac version requires Mac OS X 10.5.6 and Intel CPU, while the Linux version requires Intel Pentium 4/Athlon 64 or later CPU and Ubuntu 8.04 or Debian 5 and later. This is just a start, Google shows that it will deliver a finished browser very soon.

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